Virgilio's Pizzeria and Wine Bar on The Food Network July 3, 2011

April 28, 2013 Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Best Late Afternoon Happy Hour


July 5, 2012 - Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar Named Best Pizza in Colorado by USA Today


April 29, 2012 Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Best NY Style Pizza and Best Vegan Dish in a Non-Vegan Restaurant

Our Vegan Dairy Free Mozzarella Cheese is Daiya Click here for ingredients.


April 2011, Virgilio's Pizzeria makes the cover of 5280 Magazine. "Best of the Burbs"

Best Bar in the Suburbs 2011


December 20, 2010

Virgilio's Pizzeria gets Zagat Rated, America's Top Restaurants 2011

" Authentic New York Pizza "


November 5, 2010

Virgilio's Pizzeria Makes USA Today

51 great pizza parlors



Best of Citysearch 2010 Best Pizza In Denver

Best of Citysearch


Best of Denver 2010

Virgilio's Pizzeria Receives Best Pizza In Denver

From his 1,400-square-foot eponymous pizzeria just west of Belmar, Virgilio Urbano churns out wonderfully satisfying, thin-crusted chewy pies. You can watch him at work in the exposed kitchen, whose brick-lined oven doubles as a stage for more magic, including addictive spinach pinwheels, olive-oil-brushed garlic knots, calzones, strombolis and oven-hot subs. The straight-up, old-fashioned pizzas slippery with a judiciously herby and sweet tomato sauce and topped with housemade mozzarella are simple pleasures that don't rely on flashy gimmicks or clever Californication approaches to hold your attention. You won't stumble upon chicory or lusty pork belly, fingerling potatoes or porcini dust on the list of pizza toppings. Instead, you'll find those classic, impeccably sourced ingredients that pizza purists hold sacred.


Virgilio's Burrata Makes Colorado Avid Golfer April 2010 Issue

Unique Dish

Virgilio's. 7986 W Alameda; 303-972-1011;

Virgilio Urbano, owner of his namesake pizzeria west of BelMar, would wake up at 2 a.m. to watch
structional YouTube videos of hot-blooded Italians hand-crafting burrata. He was determined
to recreate the duly worshipped Italian cheese, oozing with warm cream. After weeks of trial
and error, he sent out an e-mail claiming victory. Talk about an understatement. That burrata,
luscious 'orb of thin-shelled mozzarella enrobing an impossibly creamy center of heavy cream
and stracciatella-"little rags" of mozzarella curds-deserves its own special place in culinary uto-
ia. It's served warm with grilled bread and whatever else Urbano feels like lobbing on the
plate-verdant basil leaves and roasted red peppers on one occasion. It's not on the menu-
yet- but Urbano often runs it as a special. It's wise to call ahead, just to make sure.


Virgilio's #1 Best Pizza  Denver Post (Read Story)


2-17-2010 Virgilio's "Hugilio" makes front page of Denver Post Food Section

1-27-10 Chef and Tell Interview Part 1

1-28-10 Chef and Tell Interview Part 2



Virgilio's Spinach Pinwheels Westword's  Top 100 Foods

Virgilios spinach pinwheels.jpg


Virgilio's Top Five on A-List 

Best Pizza Denver

Read About The "HUGILIO" on Westword. $1000 Pizza Challenge

Best of Citysearch

October 22, 2009  Virgilio's Wins Best Pizza in Denver on

Nice Write Up in Edible Front Range Magazine

Garlic knots with fresh warm mozzarella
Virgilio’s Pizzeria, 7986 W. Alameda Ave; Littleton; 303-972-1011;
Virgilio’s does bake a truly righteous pizza, one of the best in the region, but I’m a sucker for the shop’s hot-from-the-oven garlic knots. These pull-aparts taste glorious when dunked in marinara, but combined with an order of gooey made-to-order mozzarella I start to tingle all over. The cheese arrives warm in a dish dressed only in salt, olive oil, and fresh basil. I wish I had some right now.

Virgilio's Gets Zagat Rated 2009

ZAGAT Ratings & Review Highlights

Rated Excellent – Food 

“Where purists go to get their bona fide pizza fix”, this “authentic” Littleton Italian is Colorado’s Top Bang for the Buck courtesy of “beautifully cooked pies” that possess “just the right amount of chew”; admirers suggest you “skip the chains” and let “Denver’s friendliest restaurateur” serve you one of his “sinfully indulgent” delights.

Virgilio's Get Top 5 Best Pizza in Denver on Channel 7 A-List

2009 and 2007

Channel 7 A-List Link


City's Best


Virgilio's Voted Best Pizza In Denver AOL Cityguide ( 2nd year in a row)


Virgilio's Pizzeria Named - Denver's Best Restaurants - Top Twenty Under $20


Virgilio's Homemade Fresh Hot Mozzarella Featured in 5280 Magazine                           

5280 Magazine October 2007 Issue
If you missed the " BEST COMFORT FOOD" article
"Virgilio's Pizzeria Napoletana's pizza is indulgent on its own, but even more so when you add the homemade hot mozzarella. By homemade we mean made to order. When the order comes out in, the kitchen sets to work stirring together cow's milk curds, boiling water, and salt until the fresh-as-can be cheese lands on your plate drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, and basil" Amanda Faison, 5280



Colorado's Italian Community Paper

Editor's Pick For " Best White Pizza"


2007 Best Of CitySearch Winner

Audience Winner - Best Pizza, Best Italian Food, Best Cheap Eats, Best Family Friendly Dining

5280's Table Talk for April 18, 2007, -Amanda M. Faison

Last fall Virgilio's Pizzeria Napoletana caught our attention with baskets of hot garlic knots and to-die-for pizza. Now the Littleton shop (which we named as a 2006 Best New Restaurant) gives us another reason to visit: made-to-order mozzarella. As owner Virgilio Urbano explains it, the moment a request for the appetizer (which has been on the menu about two months) comes in, the kitchen sets to work kneading together cow-milk curds, boiling water, and salt. Within 10 minutes you're rewarded with garlic toast and a small bowl of molten cheese drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and fresh basil. Whirl the stringy mozzarella around your fork, spread it on the bread, and take a bite. We believe you'll agree with Urbano that it's the best thing he's ever made. 7986-B W. Alameda Ave., Littleton, 303-972-1011,


Watch Virgilio's On Comcast Cable Metro Beat TV

Count Down to Denver's Best Pizza

We Are Segment #3 On March 22nd Line Up

January 31, 2007

Virgilio's Staff Makes Cover of LA VOZ

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Jan 29, 2007

Virgilio's #1 in Denver, City's Best 2007 Winner
Voted Best Pizza In Denver Again

City's Best 2007


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Virgilio's Pizzeria Get Top 10

City Search 10 Ten Best New Restaurants 2006

Virgilio's in the December 2006 Issue of 5280

Top 10 Best New Restaurant in Denver


5280 Pick Indicates stellar performance and/or inclusion in Best New Restaurants, Dining in Denver, etc. in the past year. These selections are at the discretion of 5280 editors and critics, and are subject to change. Virgilio's is the only pizzeria with a 5280 pick.

Denver Westword Thursday November 30th, 2006

Virgilio's Pizzeria gets reviewed in Denver Westword

But the real killer at Virgilio's -- the real reason to rave about the place, and the reason I'll return -- are the garlic knots. They're nothing more than a twist of pizza dough, daubed with garlic butter and baked, but that's enough. While Virgilio's piles garlic on the pizzas and uses it as a base for almost all the other flavors represented on the menu, it takes a subtle approach here, adding just a hint, a touch that makes you want to keep eating more and more and more. While everyone's still fighting over who's got the best pizza, these garlic knots are clear winner

Jason Sheehan, Westword

Rocky Mountain News Winner

2006-2007 Top Of Rocky

"Best New York Style Pizza"

Why it's tops: Born in Naples and raised in Connecticut, Virgilio Urbano has pizza in the blood and it shows in the impeccable, thin crusts he produces at his Littleton establishment. They are crunchy outside, chewy inside and pliable, so slices can be folded. Fresh, first-class ingredients are layered on top in such a way that East Coasters know this is the real deal

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2006 Best Of CitySearch Winner

Editorial Winner - Best Pizza in Denver and Best Lunch Spot

Audience Winner - Best Comfort Food, Best Lunch Spot, Best Cheap Eats, Best Salad

Check Out Our Reviews on

Denver Post Wednesday 26th, 2006

would improve Denver dining?

More good pizza by the slice. There are piles of pizzerias around town, but not enough of them are good. The runaway success of Virgilio's in Littleton is encouraging; he throws an excellent pie and is doing amazing business, especially at lunch. His pizza, made by hand with fresh ingredients, is plenty fast, but it's nothing like junk food. Pizza can be, and should be, a healthful, easy lunch, and it should much more plentiful in Denver that it is right now.

Tucker Shaw, Denver Post

Virgilio's Pizzeria Get's Review in

Friday August  8th, 2006

The verdict: Thanks to our readers, I’ve got a new favorite spot for pizza—and garlic knots.

Amanda Faison, 5280 Magazine

Virgilio's Pizzeria Get's Full Review in Rocky Mountain News

Friday July 21st, 2006

I brought nonbelievers to Virgilio's and they left having been converted to the faith. They testified to the magic that happens when great crust, sauce, cheeses and toppings meld into one.

John Lehndorff, Rocky Mtn News

Virgilio's Pizzeria Gets Full Review In Denver Post Food Section

Wednesday April 12th, 2006 Front Page of Food Section.

About the garlic knots: Under no circumstances should you walk out of Virgilio's without a big mess of them, either in your belly or in a to-go box. Unabashedly garlicky, these hot little dough-bombs were consistently gross-good in the most addictive way."

Tucker Shaw, Denver Post

 Voted Best Pizza In Denver!!